The Best Sleep Trackers This Year: Reviewing The Top 5


The Best Sleep Trackers This Year: Reviewing The Top 5

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Choosing the right sleep tracker is essential to get the best relief from stress and anxiety. From accuracy to heart rate variability monitoring, the best sleep tracker can help you meet your goals. In this guide, I ranked and reviewed the 5 best sleep trackers, along with my top choice, so that you can pick the best one for your needs.

Oura Ring
The best sleep trackers this year: reviewing the top 5
Paleo Stress Management Top Pick
The best sleep trackers this year: reviewing the top 5

Our Top Pick: Oura Ring

The Oura Ring is a stylish, versatile tool for sleep tracking and stress relief. It offers detailed insights into sleep stages, quality, and heart rate variability.

Our Other Top Contenders:

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What is the best sleep tracker?

Choosing the best sleep tracker considering certain specifications can make the experience more fruitful and directly address stress and anxiety. Ensuring the product is user-friendly, reliable, and tailored to individual needs will bolster its effectiveness in providing a helpful and sustainable stress relief method.

For example, consider the reliability, data interpretation, accuracy, battery life, comfort, etc.

Here are my picks for the best sleep tracker:

1. Oura Ring

Oura Ring
The best sleep trackers this year: reviewing the top 5

Oura Ring

Paleo Stress Management

Oura Ring
Features vs. Price


The Oura Ring is a stylish, versatile tool for sleep tracking and stress relief. It offers detailed insights into sleep stages, quality, and heart rate variability. Its advanced technology provides personalized recommendations to improve sleep and overall well-being.

Stylish and comfortable to wear
Accurate and reliable sleep tracking
Provides valuable insights and recommendations
Easy to use and navigate
Long battery life
Expensive compared to other sleep trackers
Limited compatibility with some devices
May take time to fully understand and utilize all features

Product Highlights

The Oura Ring isn’t only a top sleep tracker but also a versatile tool for individuals seeking stress and anxiety relief. Its sleek and stylish design appeals to those who value both functionality and aesthetics. While the Oura Ring tracks various aspects of your sleep, such as sleep stages, sleep quality, and heart rate variability, it can also provide valuable insights into your overall well-being, including stress levels.

With its advanced technology, this ring accurately measures and analyzes your sleep data, helping you understand how well you’re resting and identifying any potential issues. Additionally, the Oura Ring offers personalized recommendations and guidance for improving your sleep, which indirectly contributes to stress reduction. By optimizing your sleep, you can enhance your overall well-being and manage stress more effectively.

Overall, the Oura Ring is a reliable and comprehensive sleep tracker that not only enhances sleep quality but also supports stress relief and overall wellness.

Also, check out my full review of the Oura Ring.

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2. WHOOP 4.0

Whoop 4.0
The best sleep trackers this year: reviewing the top 5


Paleo Stress Management

Whoop 4.0
Features vs. Price


WHOOP 4.0 is a comprehensive sleep tracker that offers insights beyond sleep monitoring. It tracks heart rate, respiratory rate, and more, providing personalized insights for stress relief and health optimization.

Accurate and comprehensive sleep tracking
Comfortable and durable Onyx SuperKnit band
Waterproof design for versatile use
Convenient on-the-go charging with wearable battery pack
Limited band options
Lack of real-time updates and notifications
Some concerns about band durability

Product Highlights

Discover the WHOOP 4.0, a top-notch sleep tracker that goes beyond monitoring sleep to provide valuable insights for enhancing overall well-being and performance. Whether you’re seeking stress relief or aiming to optimize your health, this advanced device offers comprehensive monitoring capabilities to help you achieve your goals.

The WHOOP 4.0 continuously tracks various physiological data, including heart rate, respiratory rate, resting heart rate, heart rate variability, skin temperature, blood oxygen levels, daily activity, and sleep. By gaining a deeper understanding of your sleep patterns, you can make informed decisions to improve sleep quality and reduce stress levels.

With the included 12-month WHOOP membership, you’ll receive personalized insights and next steps for optimizing your health and performance. This valuable resource can guide you in managing stress and anxiety, allowing you to take proactive steps towards achieving a more balanced lifestyle.

Also, check out my full review of the WHOOP 4.0.

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3. Garmin Venu 3S

The Best Sleep Trackers This Year: Reviewing The Top 5
The best sleep trackers this year: reviewing the top 5

Garmin Venu 3S

Paleo Stress Management

The Best Sleep Trackers This Year: Reviewing The Top 5
Features vs. Price


Garmin Venu 3S offers excellent sleep-tracking with a visually pleasing AMOLED display and long battery life. It provides a sleep score and coaching for improved sleep quality, contributing to stress and anxiety reduction.

Long battery life of up to 10 days
Bright AMOLED display, visually pleasing
Sleep score and sleep coaching for improved sleep quality
Limited smartwatch features
Occasional inaccuracies in heart rate tracking during workouts

Product Highlights

If you’re searching for a way to find some relaxation and peace of mind, the Garmin Venu 3S can be a great companion. Not only does it offer exceptional sleep-tracking capabilities, but it also provides features that can help alleviate stress and anxiety.

With its bright AMOLED display, the Garmin Venu 3S offers a visually pleasing experience that can be calming and soothing. The long battery life of up to 10 days ensures that you can rely on it for consistent stress relief without worrying about frequent recharging.

The sleep score and sleep coaching features of the Garmin Venu 3S provide valuable insights and guidance for improving sleep quality, which can greatly contribute to reducing stress and anxiety levels. By understanding your sleep patterns and making necessary adjustments, you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day.

With its extensive health monitoring capabilities, including heart rate monitoring, the Garmin Venu 3S enables you to keep track of your overall well-being. By staying informed about your health, you can take proactive steps to manage stress and anxiety.

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4. Withings Sleep

The Best Sleep Trackers This Year: Reviewing The Top 5
The best sleep trackers this year: reviewing the top 5

Withings Sleep

Paleo Stress Management

The Best Sleep Trackers This Year: Reviewing The Top 5
Features vs. Price


Withings Sleep is a convenient, advanced sleep tracker with features like sleep cycle analysis, scoring, and snore detection. It measures sleep heart rate and collaborates with sleep physicians for clinical validation.

Advanced sleep tracking with sleep cycle analysis, scoring, and snore detection
Measures sleep heart rate for overall well-being
Collaboration with sleep physicians for clinical validation
Some concerns about the accuracy of certain features
Discrepancies between data from other sleep monitors

Product Highlights

Looking for a solution to track your sleep and find relief from stress and anxiety? Withings Sleep is the perfect companion. This remarkable sleep tracker not only offers advanced sleep tracking features but also provides valuable insights into your sleep patterns, helping you achieve a more restful sleep.

With its sleep cycle analysis, sleep scoring, snore detection, and tracking of breathing disturbances, Withings Sleep goes beyond just monitoring your sleep. It helps you understand the quality of your sleep, which can have a significant impact on your stress levels. Additionally, the device measures sleep heart rate, allowing you to monitor your cardiac activity during sleep and promote overall well-being.

What sets Withings Sleep apart is its convenience and ease of use. Simply set it up under your mattress, and you’re good to go. Compatible with most mattresses, it seamlessly integrates into your sleeping routine. Plus, with its Wi-Fi connectivity, you can instantly access your sleep data through the app. This accessibility empowers you to take control of your sleep and make necessary adjustments to reduce stress and anxiety.

Also, check out my full review of the Withings Sleep.

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5. Bía Smart Sleep Mask

The Best Sleep Trackers This Year: Reviewing The Top 5
The best sleep trackers this year: reviewing the top 5

Bía Smart Sleep Mask

Paleo Stress Management

The Best Sleep Trackers This Year: Reviewing The Top 5
Features vs. Price


Bía Smart Sleep Mask is an innovative tracker using cutting-edge sensor technology and neurofeedback for sleep enhancement and stress relief. It features neural music and restorative sleep sounds.

Cutting-edge sensor technology for accurate sleep tracking
Sleep guidance with neurofeedback and brain measurement using fNIRS
Brain training with neural music and restorative sleep with spheric sound
May not be suitable for those who prefer traditional sleep tracking methods
Limited availability and potential wait times for shipping
Requires regular charging for optimal use

Product Highlights

Introducing the Bía Smart Sleep Mask – a revolutionary sleep tracker that not only helps you achieve great sleep but also provides subtle stress and anxiety relief. With its state-of-the-art sensor technology, exclusive algorithms, and innovative stimulation techniques, Bía Sleep offers a comprehensive solution for enhancing your overall well-being.

One of the standout features of Bía Sleep is its extensive research backing, which includes studies demonstrating how neurofeedback techniques can induce sleep and improve memory recall. These techniques have also shown promising results in improving sleep and cognitive abilities in adults, making it an excellent choice for those seeking stress relief and improved mental performance.

In addition to its sleep-enhancing capabilities, the Bía Smart Sleep Mask utilizes functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) to measure brain activity without any physical contact. This provides valuable insights into your sleep patterns, making it a versatile tool for those looking to better understand and manage their stress levels.

Also, check out my full review of the Bía Smart Sleep Mask.

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What are sleep trackers?

Sleep trackers are devices designed to monitor various aspects of sleep, providing insights into sleep quality, duration, and patterns. Typically, these gadgets use sensors to track movements, heart rate, and sometimes even environmental factors like light and temperature. They analyze this data to determine sleep stages, including REM, light, and deep sleep, and can identify disturbances or interruptions in sleep.

The primary benefit of sleep trackers in stress and anxiety relief lies in the connection between sleep and mental health. Poor or inadequate sleep can significantly exacerbate stress and anxiety, while good sleep has a restorative effect on the brain, aiding in emotional regulation and resilience. By providing detailed information about sleep patterns and quality, these trackers empower individuals to identify issues in their sleep habits. This awareness is the first step towards improving sleep hygiene, which can include adjusting bedtime routines, optimizing the sleep environment, or identifying underlying health issues.

Furthermore, certain sleep trackers offer additional features like relaxation exercises, sleep coaching, or even meditation guides. These can be particularly beneficial for individuals dealing with stress and anxiety, as they provide tools to relax and wind down, making it easier to fall asleep and improve overall sleep quality. In essence, sleep trackers offer a comprehensive approach to understanding and improving sleep, which is a critical component in managing stress and anxiety effectively.

What to Look for When Buying A Sleep Tracker?

When buying sleep trackers, especially for those seeking stress or anxiety relief, it’s essential to consider several key specifications:

  1. Accuracy and Reliability of Sleep Tracking: The most important aspect of a sleep tracker is its ability to accurately monitor sleep patterns, including sleep stages (REM, light, deep sleep), duration, and disturbances. Accurate tracking allows for a better understanding of sleep quality, which is crucial for identifying issues related to stress and anxiety. Poor sleep can exacerbate stress, so knowing your sleep patterns can help in making necessary lifestyle adjustments.
  2. Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Monitoring: HRV measures the variation in time between heartbeats and is a key indicator of stress and overall heart health. A sleep tracker with HRV monitoring can help users understand their body’s response to stress. High stress levels can be correlated with lower HRV, so monitoring this can be instrumental in managing stress and anxiety.
  3. Comfort and Wearability: For continuous and effective tracking, the device should be comfortable to wear, especially for those worn on the wrist or finger (like smartwatches and rings). Discomfort can interfere with sleep and inadvertently increase stress levels. Therefore, the design should be ergonomic and non-intrusive.
  4. User-Friendly Interface and Data Interpretation: The device should offer an easy-to-navigate interface and straightforward interpretation of the data it collects. Stress and anxiety can be compounded by complex gadgets that are hard to understand or use. Clear, actionable insights can empower users to make positive changes to improve their sleep and manage stress.
  5. Battery Life and Charging Convenience: A long battery life ensures the sleep tracker works consistently without the need for frequent recharging, which can be a source of inconvenience and stress. Additionally, easy and quick charging options can enhance the user experience, especially for individuals who already have a lot on their plate and are seeking stress relief.

Concluding Thoughts

The roundup of these top sleep trackers highlights the significant role technology can play in managing stress and anxiety through improved sleep quality. Each product offers unique features catering to different needs, from the discreet elegance of the Oura Ring to the comprehensive data analysis of the WHOOP 4.0. The Garmin Venu 3S and Withings Sleep stand out for their ease of use and integration into daily life, while the Bía Smart Sleep Mask brings innovative neurofeedback technology into the realm of sleep tracking.

The key takeaway is that there’s a growing recognition of the interconnectedness between sleep, stress, and overall well-being. With the right sleep tracker, individuals can gain valuable insights into their sleep patterns, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions toward a healthier lifestyle. These devices are more than just trackers; they are tools for empowerment, offering a proactive approach to stress management and mental health care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most accurate sleep tracker?

The most accurate consumer sleep trackers tend to use multiple sensors to track your sleep. For example, the Oura ring uses infrared LEDs, NTC temperature sensors, accelerometers and gyroscopes to track heart rate, body temperature, movement and more during sleep. Studies have shown it to be one of the most accurate sleep trackers, able to reliably detect sleep vs wake states. Other top sleep trackers like Fitbit, Garmin and Withings also use a combination of advanced sensors to provide a comprehensive analysis of your sleep. Choosing a tracker with multiple sensor types will likely provide the most accurate sleep tracking.

Which smartwatch is best for tracking sleep?

The Apple Watch Series 8 is one of the best smartwatches for sleep tracking right now. It has a new temperature sensor which allows it to detect changes that impact sleep quality. Combined with tracking heart rate, accelerometer data and microphone audio, it provides a very comprehensive sleep analysis including durations of REM, Core and Deep sleep. Fitbit smartwatches like the Sense 2 are also great for sleep tracking thanks to their wide range of advanced sensors. And WearOS watches that are compatible with apps like Sleep as Android provide excellent sleep tracking and sleep stage analysis. Overall the Apple Watch Series 8 leads the pack when it comes to smartwatches that can track your sleep in detail.

Are sleep trackers worth it?

Sleep trackers can definitely be worth it for gaining insights into your sleep quality and habits. The data they provide on how long you slept, time awake, heart rate and sleep stages can help identify issues that are impacting your sleep. This information can then be used to improve your bedtime routine and environment to get better rest. Sleep trackers are especially useful if you think you may have a sleep disorder – the data can help diagnose conditions like sleep apnea, insomnia and restless leg syndrome. High quality trackers from companies like Fitbit, Oura and Withings combine comprehensive tracking with personalised guidance and feedback. So if you want to actively improve your sleep, a tracker is worth the investment for most people.

What is the best Fitbit sleep tracker 2023?

The Fitbit Sense 2 is the best Fitbit for sleep tracking as of 2023. It has an array of advanced sensors including skin temperature, heart rate variability and electrodermal activity that provide a very detailed analysis of your sleep. The Fitbit app breaks down your sleep stages, gives a sleep score, and provides personalised guidance and feedback to improve your sleep over time. The Fitbit Versa 4, Charge 6 and Luxe 2 are also excellent choices thanks to their advanced health sensors and comfortable, compact designs. But the Fitbit Sense 2 leads the pack when it comes to tracking your sleep and helping you get better rest.

What sleep tracker has the best app?

The Oura ring has one of the best companion apps of any sleep tracker. It provides a daily readiness score based on your sleep, activity and health data, letting you know when to push hard or take it easy. The app digs deep into your sleep stages and presents the data through easy to understand charts and graphics. And it offers personalised recommendations and programs to improve sleep over time. Fitbit, Sleep Cycle and SleepScore apps also provide excellent data visualization and guidance. But Oura’s focus on using your sleep data to optimize everyday performance gives it the edge for having the most useful app experience.

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