Withings Sleep: In-Depth Review

Introducing the Withings Sleep tracking pad - a revolutionary device that transforms sleep quality and promotes relaxation with advanced sleep tracking.
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Are you stressed and struggling to get quality sleep? I’ve tested the Withings Sleep, a device designed to enhance sleep and improve wellness. It tracks sleep, detects snoring, and monitors heart rate.

In this review, we’ll explore if this tool can truly help in achieving better sleep and reducing stress.

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Key Takeaways

  • Are you experiencing stress and difficulty obtaining restful sleep?
  • I’ve evaluated the Withings Sleep, a sleep-enhancement and wellness-improvement device.
  • The device tracks sleep patterns, identifies snoring, and keeps track of heart rate.
  • This review aims to establish if this device genuinely aids in better sleep and stress reduction.
  • Let’s examine the impact of the Withings Sleep on sleep quality and overall health.

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Product Overview

The Withings Sleep is a remarkable product that enhances sleep tracking and contributes to better sleep health. It’s packed with impressive features that make it easy for users to monitor their sleep patterns and improve their sleep quality. It’s equipped with advanced technology that tracks sleep cycles, gives a sleep score, and can even detect snoring.

Developed with the input of sleep physicians, this sleep mat is clinically validated and designed to provide accurate results. It’s a non-stop monitor for heart rate during sleep, giving users an in-depth understanding of their sleep patterns. The mat is user-friendly and easy to install under the mattress. It’s designed to work well with most mattresses, making it a versatile choice for users.

The mat’s Wi-Fi connectivity feature enables immediate results in the app, making tracking and monitoring a hassle-free process. The sleep diary can be shared, aiding in medical decision-making related to sleep health. The Withings Sleep has become a vital tool for users who want to enhance their sleep quality and overall health.

Additionally, the product can also be used for stress relief. By providing insights into the sleep process, it can help users understand how stress affects their sleep and find ways to alleviate this issue. This secondary usage adds to its appeal and makes it a multi-purpose tool for wellness.


Withings Sleep Main Features
Advanced sleep tracking capabilities
Monitors sleep cycles
Calculates sleep score
Detects snoring
Tracks breathing disturbances
Monitors heart rate throughout the night
Easy one-time installation under the mattress
Compatible with most mattresses
Immediate in-app results via Wi-Fi
Shareable sleep diary feature
Key features of the Withings Sleep for enhanced sleep tracking and health monitoring

Pros and Cons

Withings Sleep

Paleo Stress Management

Withings sleep
Features vs. Price


Withings Sleep Withings Sleep, a non-wearable sleep tracker, delivers precise results about your sleep patterns right into your smartphone.

While it may not be perfect for sharing a bed due to compromised accuracy, its one-time setup under the mattress coupled with comprehensive sleep data makes it a sought-after product.

Advanced sleep tracking with sleep cycles, sleep score, and snore detection.
Continuous tracking of sleep heart rate.
Easy one-time setup under the mattress, compatible with most mattresses.
Not ideal for sharing a bed due to compromised accuracy in detecting the movements of both sleepers.

How to Use

Withings Sleep is a fantastic tool designed to monitor and improve your sleep quality. To get started, position the sleep tracking pad beneath your mattress. Don’t worry, it’s designed to work with most mattresses. Connect the pad to your home Wi-Fi and then pair it with the Withings Sleep app on your smartphone.

The app is your gateway to understanding your sleep patterns. It provides an array of data including sleep cycles, sleep scores, and even snoring disturbances. For the best results, ensure the pad is correctly positioned and your Wi-Fi connection is stable. This ensures the app can provide real-time results.

Interestingly, the Withings Sleep can also be used for stress relief. The app tracks your heart rate throughout the night, an excellent indication of stress levels. By monitoring your heart rate, you can identify when and why stress occurs, enabling you to make necessary lifestyle adjustments.

You can also share your sleep diary with healthcare professionals for further analysis. This can offer more personalized advice for managing stress and improving sleep quality. Therefore, Withings Sleep becomes more than a sleep tracker, it becomes a comprehensive tool for optimizing your health and well-being.


The Withings Sleep tracking pad offers a discreet and effective solution for enhancing sleep quality, which indirectly contributes to stress relief. Users have praised its convenience and accuracy in monitoring sleep patterns, giving it five stars despite minor issues.

With its ability to display deep sleep, REM sleep, and light sleep percentages, this product provides valuable insights for those seeking to improve their well-being.

Alex Reijnierse
Alex Reijnierse

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