Master calm: embrace the chill-out method

Master Calm: Embrace the Chill-Out Method

Join the ranks of those who’ve stepped into a calmer, more centered life.

This isn’t just a course — it’s a pathway to a more peaceful existence

Lower your stress level

Using scientifically proven methods. Do not take my word for it but prove it to yourself by measuring your own stress levels

Increase your energy

When your stress levels drop you will notice your energy levels increase which will motivate you even more

Enjoy life again

With lower stress levels and increased energy, you can spend time on what matters most: your goals and relationships

Introducing The Chill Out Method

The Curriculum

Module 1: How stress affects your body


  • How does your brain respond to stress
  • How does your body respond to stress: nervous system
  • How does your body respond to stress: vagus nerve
  • What is the difference between stress and anxiety
  • Homework

Module 2: How stress can be measured

Module 3: Reducing things to stress about, the little things in life

Module 4: Breathing

Module 5: Color and scent

Module 6: Controlled exposure to cold

Module 7: Break!

Module 8: Nutrient deficiencies and food intolerances

Module 9: Sleep

Module 10: Exercise

Module 11: Reducing things to stress about, the bigger things in life

Module 12: Bringing it all together

Course Information

Master calm: embrace the chill-out method

This course includes

  • 50 videos
  • 3+ hours of on-demand video
  • Downloadable resources
  • Access on desktop and mobile
  • Certificate of completion
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
Master calm: embrace the chill-out method

What Others Are Saying


“Being skeptical, I liked the idea of this course being backed by science and that I could objectively measure my stress levels.
This allowed me to see which circumstances increased my stress levels and calmed me down. I was surprised to learn about certain circumstances that I did not expect my stress levels to rise.”

Chris – USA – Indiana


“I have tried other stress management courses before but this is BY FAR the most extensive and practical one I came across.
I knew about some of the suggestions addressed in this course from internet searches but this course all puts it into perspective and ties everything I read on other sites together.”

Jenny – UK


“I too have been suffering from chronic stress and even anxiety for years now and by making some minor lifestyle changes as suggested in this course (not even all of them!) it changed my life for the better even after a few weeks in.”

Albert – Germany