Chillin' basics: your first steps to stress relief

Chillin’ Basics: Your First Steps to Stress Relief

Understand the basics

Find out how stress manifests in your body and brain so you understand how to manage it

Measure your stress

Explore objective ways to measure stress by using a tracker and subjective by using an app

Start your research

With this information, you will know what to look for to find effective ways to manage your stress

Introducing Chillin’ Basics

The Curriculum

Module 1: How stress affects your body


  • How does your brain respond to stress
  • How does your body respond to stress: nervous system
  • How does your body respond to stress: vagus nerve
  • What is the difference between stress and anxiety
  • Homework

Module 2: How stress can be measured

Module 3: Reducing things to stress about, the little things in life

Module 4: Next steps

Note that while this free course offers valuable content, the Chill Out Method masterclass builds on these basics with advanced strategies including comprehensive techniques and personalized support for a deeper exploration into stress relief.

Course Information

Chillin' basics: your first steps to stress relief

This course includes

  • 15 videos
  • 1 hour of on-demand video
  • Access on desktop and mobile

Ready to Dive Deeper?

You’ve just scratched the surface with ‘Chillin’ Basics’. While you’ve learned essential stress management techniques, there’s so much more to discover. Our ‘Chill Out Method’ masterclass offers an extensive journey into advanced strategies that can transform how you handle stress daily.

Why Upgrade to the Masterclass?

  • Personalized Strategies: Tailor your stress management approach with personalized techniques that fit your lifestyle.
  • Advanced Techniques: Go beyond the basics with in-depth lessons on cutting-edge methods supported by the latest research.
  • Interactive Learning: Engage with interactive exercises and real-life scenarios that deepen your understanding and skills.

Take the next step in your stress relief journey and unlock the full potential of a calmer, more focused you with the ‘Chill Out Method’.

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