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What is paleo stress management?

Paleo stress management is a way to manage stress by recreating some of the circumstances we had back in the day (paleolithic conditions). Where we had less stimuli, more exposure to temperature fluctuations, were more active, ate healthier food but more irregular, worried less and had a healthier breathing pattern.

There are some courses available to you that will give you a better understanding of what it is. There is a free course: Chillin’ Basics, that will explain how stress manifests in your body and brain and how you can measure it so you can then go do your own research on how to manage it properly. 

Alternatively, you can subscribe to the full masterclass: Chill Out Method, where a 10-week program will guide you through the whole process and provide you with many science based ways to reduce your stress and anxiety levels.

What you will learn in the courses

Paleo stress management - lower your stress level
Lower your stress level

Using scientifically proven methods. Do not take my word for it but prove it to yourself by measuring your own stress levels

Paleo stress management - increase your energy
Increase your energy

When your stress levels drop you will notice your energy levels increase which will motivate you even more

Paleo stress management - enjoy life
Enjoy life

With lower stress levels and increased energy you can spend time on what matters most: your goals and relationships

Introduction to paleo stress management:

Do you recognize this? You are frequently irritable, cannot concentrate, have no energy. You do not sleep well and wake up tired. You want to work on your goals but you cannot. You cannot relax even when you are stretched out on the couch. Your hands or feet are cold and you feel tension in your body. You “should” do a lot. You snap at your dog. You want to work on improving your relationships but feel you are failing. You are just tired…

How evolution did not keep up

Mankind has always adapted itself to changes in circumstances but in the last 50 years or so change has been so rapid and dramatic that human evolution was not able to keep up. This has resulted in our body and brain not being able yet to change with it resulting in chronic stress for many of us.

We are faced with technological advancements that brought us more comfort but also more stimuli. We have the internet now, mobile phones, social media, and hundreds of TV channels. All the news of the world reaches us on a daily basis.

We have demanding jobs, want to be more social and protective of our environment but still fear being rejected by others. And there are currently many more people that can reject us than ever before. We eat more processed food and are more sedentary than ever.

Stress has been dubbed the health epidemic of the 21st century by the World Health Organization and 75% to 90% of all current ailments can be traced back to it according to many online resources such as WebMD, National Institute of Health (NIH) and the American Institute of Stress (AIS).

How paleo stress management will help

This is where paleo stress management comes in. Fortunately, this is not hard to incorporate into your daily routine. It can be done with limited investment in time and money and only requires minimal changes to your lifestyle. It does require a bit of perseverance though. There is no magic pill that will cure you of your chronic stress and anxiety.

And if you are reading this you probably have tried many other things already such as meditation, mindfulness or supplements only to find out that they do not bring long-term relief. Deep down you know it requires this change in lifestyle. 

Paleo stress management aims to address specifically this. And with the goal of longer-term improvements in your stress and anxiety levels. So that you have more energy throughout your day and can focus on your goals in life. And more importantly: improve the relationships you value most!

How to move from here

When you are ready to improve your health and get the benefit of less stress and anxiety, more energy and improved relationships, sign up for the masterclass course on stress management: Chill Out Method.

Or if you want to understand the basics first take the free course: Chillin’ Basics. After that, you will have some tools to do your own investigation in improvement options for you or can still enroll for the Chill Out Method later where I will guide you through the whole process.

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