The Best Massage Guns This Year: Reviewing The Top 5

Looking for the best massage guns? This guide ranks and reviews the top 5 options, including my top pick, to help you find the perfect one for your needs.
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Choosing the right massage gun is essential to get the best relief from stress and anxiety. From a range of speed to intensity settings, the best massage gun can help you meet your goals. In this guide, I ranked and reviewed the 5 best massage guns, along with my top choice, so you can pick the best one for your needs.

Theragun mini massage gun review
Paleo stress management top pick

Embrace mobility and power with the Theragun Mini Massage Gun. Ideal for the dynamic individual, it blends convenience with deep muscle therapy, making it a perfect companion for on-the-go stress relief. Its compact design defies its robust performance, offering a soothing escape anytime, anywhere.

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What Is The Best Massage Gun?

Choosing the best massage gun considering certain specifications can make the experience more fruitful and directly address stress and anxiety. Ensuring the product is user-friendly, reliable, and tailored to individual needs will bolster its effectiveness in providing a helpful and sustainable stress relief method.

For example, consider the availability of interchangeable massage heads, adjustable settings, noise level, battery life, etc.

Here are my picks for the best massage gun:

1. Theragun Mini Massage Gun

Theragun mini massage gun review

Theragun Mini Massage Gun

Paleo Stress Management

Theragun mini massage gun review
Features vs. Price


Embrace mobility and power with the Theragun Mini Massage Gun. Its compact size belies its robust performance, making it an ideal choice for dynamic lifestyles. Experience the blend of convenience and deep muscle therapy on the go.

Features adjustable speed ranges with 3 built-in muscle massager speeds
Includes 3 foam attachments for personalized treatment
20% smaller and 30% lighter than previous models
Might not offer sufficient power for those who prefer a more intense deep tissue massage

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Product Highlights

The Theragun Mini Massage Gun (Black 2.0) is a top pick for individuals who need a small, easily transportable device for deep tissue massage. This mini-sized massage gun isn’t only 20% tinier but is also 30% less weighty than older models. This makes it an ideal companion for individuals who are always on the move. The massage gun also includes 3 foam extensions, which can be used to tailor the massage to specific areas that are causing discomfort.

What sets this mini massage gun apart is its adjustable speed levels. It has 3 pre-set speeds for muscle massaging, which lets you have the ultimate control over your massage sessions. Moreover, it can be paired with the Therabody app through Bluetooth, enabling you to craft your wellness programs. The reviews from users are overwhelmingly positive, with praises for its efficiency, user-friendly design, and overall performance.

In addition to providing alleviation from muscle pain, this mini massage gun aids in easing tight muscles and enhancing recovery after workouts. Its compactness and portability are bonus points, as they allow you to carry it around effortlessly, assuring that relief is always within reach. As an added benefit, the massage gun can also be used as a stress-relief tool, helping you to unwind after a long day.

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2. ERICKHILL Mini Massage Gun

Erickhill mini massage gun

ERICKHILL Mini Massage Gun

Paleo Stress Management

Erickhill mini massage gun
Features vs. Price


The ERICKHILL Mini Massage Gun redefines efficiency in a compact form. It’s an epitome of strength in a small package, promising high performance and longevity, perfect for the relentless pursuers of wellness and ease.

Small structure with high performance
Superior battery longevity with convenient charging methods
Handy for use at home, work, gym, or during travel
Not recommended for use on the neck, head, face, or spine.
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Product Highlights

The ERICKHILL Mini Massage Gun is an ideal choice for anyone in search of a highly effective, yet small, deep-tissue massager. Its compact structure combined with its powerful capabilities make it a top choice for relieving pain and relaxing muscles. The device works by increasing blood circulation and speeding up recovery, making it a useful piece of equipment to have around the house, at work, at the gym, or to carry while traveling.

It comes with four specialized massage attachments for focused treatment. The massage gun’s battery life is long-lasting and it provides convenient charging options, ensuring it’s always ready for use. Users have complimented its durable and high-quality feel, and the silicone massage heads are noted for being soft and comfortable. The three intensity levels also allow for a personalized massage experience, promising the highest levels of comfort and effectiveness.

To ensure that consumers have a positive experience, the ERICKHILL Mini Massage Gun comes with a 36-month after-sale service and lifetime technical support. All in all, the ERICKHILL Mini Massage Gun Deep Tissue proves to be a sensible and handy Valentine’s Day gift or a present for any event.

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3. BOB AND BRAD C2 Massage Gun

Bob and brad c2 massage gun review

BOB AND BRAD C2 Massage Gun

Paleo Stress Management

Features vs. Price


Discover ergonomic luxury with the BOB AND BRAD C2 Massage Gun. Its design prioritizes comfort and effectiveness, ideal for those seeking a blend of sophistication and powerful muscle relief in their wellness journey.

Lightweight and portable design for on-the-go use
Ergonomic silicone handle for comfortable and easy handling
Powerful performance with brushless motor and multiple speeds
May be expensive compared to other massage guns on the market

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Product Highlights

The BOB AND BRAD C2 Massage Gun is a top-notch choice for those in search of a massage tool that’s both lightweight and potent. This massage gun boasts an ergonomic design and is teeming with various speed settings and massage heads to suit a variety of needs. Thanks to its portable and lightweight structure, you can conveniently carry and use this massage gun anywhere. The handle, made from ergonomic silicone, guarantees comfort and ease during your massage sessions.

This massage gun has a brushless motor, giving it the capability to deliver powerful performance. It’s designed to target deep tissues, providing effective relief. It comes with 5 speeds and 5 massage heads, allowing for customization of your massage experience to meet your specific needs. It has a speedy Type-C quick charge feature for quick and easy charging. Safety and peace of mind are also taken care of, thanks to the smart chip and a 10-minute timer auto-off protection feature.

Apart from muscle tension relief, this massage gun can also be used to alleviate stress, making it a valuable addition to your wellness routine. The massage gun comes with a compact storage option and different massage heads, making it ideal for both travel and home use. To sum up, the BOB AND BRAD C2 Massage Gun is a dependable choice for those looking to alleviate muscle tension and stress.

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4. TOLOCO Massage Gun

Toloco massage gun deep tissue review

TOLOCO Massage Gun

Paleo Stress Management

Toloco massage gun deep tissue review
Features vs. Price


The TOLOCO Massage Gun offers a sanctuary of tranquility and deep muscle therapy. Its quiet operation and efficient muscle penetration make it a preferred choice for those seeking solace in silence and relief.

Deep muscle penetration and adjustable speed levels for effective muscle relief
Noiseless operation and comfortable grip for a relaxing massage experience
Compact design with extended battery life for use on the move
Not as much pressure and movement flexibility as some premium brands.

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Product Highlights

Searching for an efficient way to ease muscle stress? Look no further than the TOLOCO Deep Tissue Massage Gun. This device is designed to deeply penetrate the muscles with a force of 12mm, reaching a maximum speed of 3200 rpm. It’s a reliable tool for alleviating muscle weariness, enhancing blood flow, and minimizing lactic acid accumulation. It comes with 10 interchangeable massage heads, so you can accurately target various parts of the body.

The massage gun is designed to operate quietly, producing noise within a range of only 40dB-50dB. It features a smart LED touchscreen that shows the speed levels and the remaining battery life. It also offers seven adjustable speed settings, which are designed to address different levels of muscle discomfort. The aesthetically pleasing and ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, and the specialized attachments cater to every muscle requirement.

The TOLOCO Massage Gun Deep Tissue is a top choice for athletes and fitness fanatics, as well as those in need of immediate relief without the hassle of scheduling appointments or visiting therapists. Its impressive battery longevity of up to 6 hours and its compact and lightweight design makes it perfect for carrying around. Besides providing relief for muscle aches, it can also be used for stress reduction, offering a two-fold benefit.

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5. AERLANG Massage Gun

Aerlang massage gun review

AERLANG Massage Gun

Paleo Stress Management

Aerlang massage gun review
Features vs. Price


Step into a world of customization with the AERLANG Massage Gun. Tailored for diverse needs with its multiple speeds and heads, it’s designed for those who seek a powerful, yet adaptable, muscle relief experience.

20 variable speeds and 6 massage heads for a customizable experience
Powerful and effective for working out knots and kinks
Helps reduce muscle spasms and the frequency of pain
Some concerns about the accuracy of the battery level indicator

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Product Highlights

The AERLANG Portable Massage Gun is a top-rated choice for those in need of an effective way to ease muscle tension. The device is equipped with 20 adjustable speeds and 6 unique massage heads, making it highly customizable to your specific needs. It’s a deep tissue massager crafted to specifically focus on the muscles in your back and neck. Its primary function is to encourage blood flow and assist in ridding the body of lactic acid, which can lead to muscle soreness.

The AERLANG Massage Gun features 20 intensity levels, ranging from 1600 to 2600 rpm. This range gives you the flexibility to tailor your massage experience to your exact requirements. The six interchangeable massage heads add to its versatility, allowing for targeted treatment of specific muscle groups.

Despite its powerful performance, the massager operates with minimal noise, ensuring your relaxation isn’t interrupted by disruptive sounds. It’s designed with a high-definition LCD touchscreen for convenient usage and a long-lasting battery, making it perfect for regular massage sessions.

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Comparative Analysis

Feature / ProductTheragun Mini Massage GunERICKHILL Mini Massage GunBOB AND BRAD C2 Massage GunTOLOCO Massage GunAERLANG Massage Gun
Size and PortabilityVery compact and light, ideal for travelCompact, easy to carryLightweight, travel-friendlyCompact and portableSlightly bulkier, but still portable
Adjustable Speeds3 built-in speeds3 intensity levels5 speeds7 adjustable speeds20 adjustable speeds
Special FeaturesBluetooth connectivity with the Therabody appLong battery life, soft silicone headsErgonomic silicone handle, brushless motorQuiet operation, LED touchscreenHigh-definition LCD touchscreen, wide range of speeds
PerformanceEfficient for everyday use, but less powerful for deep tissueHigh performance in a small sizePowerful, suitable for deep tissueDeep muscle penetration, suitable for athletesPowerful, effective for knots and spasms
Attachments3 foam extensions for tailored treatment4 specialized attachments5 massage heads for customization10 interchangeable heads6 unique massage heads
Best Suited ForThose needing a portable, everyday massage gunUsers seeking a balance of size and performanceIndividuals looking for ergonomic design and powerful massageAthletes and fitness enthusiastsUsers wanting extensive customization options

What Are Massage Guns?

Massage guns are handheld devices that provide percussive or vibration therapy to the muscles. They work by rapidly pulsating the soft tissue, delivering concentrated pressure deep into the muscle layers. This action helps to increase blood flow, release muscle knots, and reduce inflammation, leading to faster recovery and pain relief.

From a stress and anxiety relief perspective, massage guns are particularly effective for several reasons. First, the act of massage itself is known to be therapeutic and relaxing. It stimulates the production of endorphins, the body’s natural ‘feel-good’ hormones, which can elevate mood and create a sense of well-being. This hormonal response is a key factor in alleviating symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Additionally, massage guns target specific areas of tension in the body. Stress and anxiety often manifest physically as muscle tightness, especially in the neck, shoulders, and back. By using a massage gun, you can effectively ease this tension, leading to a physical sensation of relaxation that can also influence your mental state.

Moreover, the convenience and accessibility of massage guns mean that they can be used as a quick and effective tool for stress relief. In our fast-paced lives, taking the time for a professional massage might not always be feasible. Massage guns offer a practical alternative that can be used at home, work, or on the go, providing immediate relief and contributing to an overall sense of calm and relaxation.

In summary, massage guns help with stress and anxiety relief by providing therapeutic physical stimulation that alleviates muscle tension, promotes relaxation, and triggers positive hormonal responses in the body.

What To Look For When Buying A Massage Gun?

When purchasing a massage gun, especially for stress or anxiety relief, there are five key specifications to consider. Each of these plays a vital role in ensuring the device not only meets your physical needs but also contributes to your mental well-being:

Adjustable Speed and Intensity Settings– Allows for personalized massage experience
– Crucial for stress and anxiety relief
– Targets different levels of muscle tension
Variety of Attachments/Heads– Targets specific areas and muscle groups
– Effective for different types of muscle work
Battery Life and Portability– Enables use on the go
– Helpful for managing stress and anxiety
Noise Level– Enhances relaxation experience
– Promotes a calming environment
Ergonomic Design and Ease of Use– Comfortable and hassle-free use
– Easier reach for difficult areas
– Ensures regular use for ongoing management
Key considerations for purchasing a massage gun

Incorporating these specifications in your decision-making process will help in choosing a massage gun that not only addresses physical discomfort but also contributes positively to your mental well-being by reducing stress and anxiety levels.

Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, this roundup of massage guns showcases a variety of options tailored to meet individual needs in stress and anxiety relief. Each product, with its unique features, addresses key aspects like adjustable intensity, varied attachments, and ergonomic design, underscoring the importance of personalization in physical and mental wellness.

The Theragun Mini offers exceptional portability, the ERICKHILL impresses with its battery life, while the BOB AND BRAD C2 stands out for its ergonomic design. The TOLOCO is notable for its deep muscle penetration and the AERLANG for its customizable speeds and heads.

These products underline the growing recognition of the interconnectedness of physical relief and mental well-being. By providing the means to alleviate physical discomfort, massage guns inadvertently contribute to reducing stress and anxiety, enhancing overall quality of life. They represent not just tools for physical therapy, but also a step towards holistic health management, blending convenience with effectiveness in today’s fast-paced and stress-laden world.

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Why Trust Paleo Stress Management?

Founded by Alex Reijnierse, Paleo Stress Management is born out of personal adversity with stress, coupled with a scientific approach honed from an engineering background. The platform’s masterclass, “Chill Out Method“, encapsulates a decade’s worth of research and practical trials, offering a reliable and empathetic guide toward a stress-free life​.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Massage Guns be Used Daily for Stress Relief?

Absolutely! Massage guns are designed for daily use, offering a convenient way to alleviate muscle tension and stress regularly. Regular use can help in maintaining muscle relaxation, improving blood circulation, and reducing the build-up of stress-related tension. It’s important, however, to listen to your body and adjust the intensity and duration to suit your comfort levels. Just like any therapeutic tool, moderation and proper technique are key to avoiding overuse and ensuring the most beneficial experience.

Are Massage Guns Safe for Everyone?

Massage guns are generally safe for most people, but there are exceptions. Individuals with certain medical conditions such as bleeding disorders, wounds, or severe varicose veins should avoid using them. Pregnant women should also consult with a healthcare provider before using a massage gun. For those with chronic pain conditions or muscular injuries, it’s advisable to seek medical advice to ensure that the use of a massage gun is appropriate and won’t exacerbate any underlying issues.

How Long Should a Massage Gun Session Last for Stress Relief?

A typical session with a massage gun for stress relief should last between 10 to 15 minutes. It’s important to focus on each muscle group for no more than 2 minutes at a time. Spending too much time on one area can lead to overstimulation of the muscle and may cause discomfort. Short, regular sessions can effectively alleviate tension without overwhelming the muscles, making it a perfect tool for daily relaxation and stress management.

Is It Better to Use a Massage Gun Before or After Exercise?

Using a massage gun both before and after exercise can be beneficial. Before exercising, it can help warm up the muscles, increasing blood flow, and reducing the risk of injury. After exercising, it aids in muscle recovery, helps to reduce lactic acid build-up, and minimizes muscle soreness. For those using it primarily for stress relief, timing can be more flexible, depending on personal preference and comfort.

What Makes a Massage Gun Different from Traditional Massage?

A massage gun offers a convenient and focused approach to muscle therapy that differs from traditional massage. It provides targeted, deep-tissue stimulation with adjustable intensity, which can be hard to achieve with manual massage. Additionally, a massage gun offers the convenience of self-application, allowing users to address their specific pain points at their own pace and comfort. While traditional massage involves a more holistic, human-touch approach, massage guns provide a quick, efficient, and customizable solution for muscle relief and stress management.

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