The Best Ice Baths for Home To Buy in 2023


The Best Ice Baths For Home To Buy

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In recent times, the home ice bath tub trend has taken the wellness world by storm, and in 2023, it’s bigger than ever.

The mental benefits of cold plunging are being recognized. The cold shock of an ice bath triggers the release of feel-good endorphins and adrenaline. An ice bath can provide a sense of accomplishment and improved mood. As self-care practices grab more attention, ice baths present an opportunity for people to care for both their physical and mental health.

Curious about what the fuss is all about? Keep reading to discover the chilliest way to boost your mental health and physical recovery and learn about the best ice baths for home to buy in 2023!

Ranking the 2023 Market: Best Ice Baths for Home

Key Takeaways:

  • Cold plunge or ice baths are increasingly popular in 2023.
  • They offer both mental and physical benefits.
  • When buying, it’s essential to consider features, value, and safety.
  • There’s an ice bath tub to suit every budget and preference.

In our quest to find the best ice bath tubs for the home, there are several key players that have captured my attention.

I’ve delved into the specifics of each product, comparing their unique features, benefits, and potential drawbacks.

From portability to chilling capabilities, I’m going to provide a detailed analysis that will help you make an informed decision on which ice bath tub best suits your needs.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to me at no cost to you if you decide to purchase. This will help grow this site and help more people. Thank you for making a difference!

Redwood Outdoors: Yukon Cold Plunge Kit

Redwood Outdoors: Yukon Cold Plunge Kit

Paleo Stress Management’s Take:

Yukon Cold Plunge Kit
Price vs. Features


The Yukon Cold Plunge Kit is an easy-to-set-up sanctuary designed for stress relief and physical rejuvenation. It has smart device capabilities, promoting both mental and physical health benefits.


Escape the overwhelming hustle and bustle of daily life with the Yukon Cold Plunge Kit. Specifically designed for those seeking an invigorating break from the stresses of everyday life, this kit offers a transformative experience that promises both physical and mental rejuvenation. By incorporating cold therapy into your daily routine, you unlock a myriad of benefits, ranging from enhanced mental clarity to improved sleep patterns. The ritual of cold immersion not only boosts overall health but acts as a natural mood enhancer, eliminating the need for that midday caffeine pick-me-up.

The Yukon Cold Plunge Kit prioritizes user convenience at every turn. With an easy, stress-free setup, you’ll find your sanctuary ready for use in just minutes. The smart device feature allows remote control, making it possible to prepare your plunge from work and arrive home to a perfectly chilled tub. No more restlessness after intense workouts; dive in post-session to supercharge your recovery. Or, if you prefer, combine your cold plunge with a sauna session to indulge in the refreshing ‘fire & ice’ experience. With every dip, feel the weight of anxiety and stress melt away, paving the path to a more serene and centered self.

Product Information

  • Financing options are available starting at $122/mo or 0% APR with Affirm
  • Availability: 6 to 8 Weeks Delivery Time
  • Included Items: Portable plunge tub and an easy-to-use electric chiller
  • Chiller Types: Cold Plunge Chiller or Deluxe Chiller + Heater
  • Features: User-friendly with intuitive touchscreen display; smart device compatibility for remote control, facilitating stress-free setup and quick readiness for use.

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
Good Customer Service: Redwood Outdoors provided regular updates regarding the shippingThe replacement cartridge for the filter seems pricey
Stress-free setup with easy assembly6 to 8 weeks delivery time
Smart device compatibility allows remote controlThe filter cartridge gets dirty quickly, necessitating frequent changes
The price point of this cold plunge kit is reasonable compared to other high-end models that can cost 10 to 14 thousand dollarsA submersible water pump may need to be bought separately to change out the water

Lumi: Recovery Pro Ice Bath + Chiller

Lumi: Recovery Pro Ice Bath + Chiller

Paleo Stress Management’s Take:

Recovery Pro Ice Bath
Price vs. Features


Lumi Recovery Pro offers a serene immersion experience that can be both cold and warm, ensuring relaxation. It has mobile app control and focuses on promoting healthy blood circulation and reducing high blood pressure.


In today’s fast-paced world, the weight of stress and anxiety can be overwhelming. The Lumi Recovery PRO™ Ice Bath offers a serene haven to those seeking a natural way to soothe the mind and invigorate the body. Designed with the utmost care, this professional ice barrel utilizes cold water therapy, a method increasingly endorsed by wellness spas and health clinics, to promote healthy blood circulation, reduce high blood pressure, and even bolster the immune system. As you immerse yourself into its chilled embrace, your blood vessels constrict, flushing out metabolic waste from muscles. As you emerge, the temperature shift reopens these vessels, amplifying the body’s natural healing powers.

Athletes have long turned to ice baths to reduce recovery times and combat delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Now, with the Lumi Recovery PRO™ Ice Barrel, everyone can tap into these benefits right at home. Imagine transitioning from an intense day at work or the pressures of daily life, into this oasis of recovery. The optional Lumi Thermo CT1™ takes the experience a notch higher, not only maintaining the water at a frosty 3°C (37°F) but also offering the luxury of turning your ice barrel into a warm retreat at a comforting 42°C (107.6°F). Dive into this realm of advanced relaxation, where the boundaries between cold and warmth blur, offering you the ultimate wellness journey.

Product Information

  • Volume Capacity: 520 Litre PRO Edition.
  • Material & Construction: Thick rubber-hardened wall with a spacious interior.
  • Lid Features: Specially designed lid secured with sturdy clips; provides an effective thermal bridge to keep water chilled.
  • Chiller & Filter System: Lumi Thermo CT1™ (optional) – chills water to 3°C (37°F), heats up to 42°C (107.6°F), includes particle filtration and Ozone water treatment.
  • Control & Connectivity: Mobile app control for temperature adjustments and other functionalities.

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Built using quality materials with a thick rubber hardened-wall construction.The inflatable tube that sits at the top can be damaged and can deflate.
Specially designed lid secured via sturdy clips provides an effective thermal bridge, ensuring consistent temperature.Lumi Thermo CT1™, which offers key features like temperature control and ozone cleaning, is an optional extra and not included in the base price.
Lumi Thermo CT1™ (optional) provides flexibility to chill or warm the water, offering both cold and warm therapy in one unit.It doesn’t come with a pump to clean, requiring users to buy little tablets and a dispenser.
Offers control via a mobile app, allowing easy temperature adjustments.The use of Chorine tablets may damage the tub.

Cold Plunge: The Plunge

Cold Plunge: The Plunge

Paleo Stress Management’s Take:

The Plunge
Price vs. Features


Featured on Shark Tank, the Cold Plunge Tub uses advanced cooling and filtration to offer pristine water on demand. It provides a refreshing escape and is easy to install with a durable design.


In today’s fast-paced world, stress and anxiety have become common companions for many. Yet, finding effective ways to combat these emotions remains a challenge. Enter the Cold Plunge Tub: an innovative solution that promises not only relief but a transformative experience. As featured on Shark Tank, this revolutionary tub uses advanced cooling, filtration, and sanitation systems to offer cold, pristine water on-demand, setting it apart from traditional ice baths and chest freezers. Its ability to cool down to a refreshing 39°F means that every immersion can be tailored to your preference, invigorating your senses and offering unparalleled relaxation.

Whether you have it indoors or outside, the Cold Plunge Tub promises an effortless installation, making it truly “plug-and-plunge”. Moreover, its circular filtration, ozone sanitation, and 20-micron filter ensure the water remains clean, safe, and ready for your next session. The tub’s durable and fully insulated design means that it’s built to last, ensuring your investment in mental and physical well-being stands the test of time. With the Cold Plunge Tub, every dip becomes an escape, a moment of serenity where stress melts away, replaced by a rejuvenated spirit ready to face the world anew.

Product Information:

  1. Cooling Capability: The Cold Plunge can cool down to 39°F.
  2. Location Suitability: The Plunge is safe for both indoor and outdoor use.
  3. Filtration & Sanitation: The Plunge features circular filtration, and ozone sanitation, and uses a 20-micron filter ensuring clean and sanitized water.
  4. Installation: No plumbing is required, and it’s designed for easy “plug and plunge” installation. Simply fill it up with a hose, turn it on, and set the desired temperature.
  5. Design & Features: The tub is long-lasting, durable, fully insulated, and comes with an underwater light. Additionally, it does not require any plumbing.

What we likeWhat we don’t like
Powerful cooling, filtration, and sanitation.Power consumption concerns are mentioned in a review.
Safe for indoor or outdoor use.Some reviews mention issues with parts (e.g., magnets on the cover).
Comes with a range of features (e.g., underwater light, 20-micron filter, ozone sanitation).100% Satisfaction Guarantee with a 30-day full refund option.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee with 30-day full refund option.The sound from the pump is evident even when the chiller is on.

Cold Stoic 2.0 Cold Plunge Tank

Cold Stoic 2.0 Cold Plunge Tank

Paleo Stress Management’s Take:

Cold Stoic
Price vs. Features


The Cold Stoic 2.0 is a state-of-the-art tank by Renu Therapy. It boasts a modern design, advanced filtration, and a super-insulated environment, all aiming for stress relief and mental well-being.


In today’s fast-paced world, finding an oasis of calm can be a challenge. The Cold Stoic® 2.0 Cold Plunge Tank by Renu Therapy provides a cutting-edge solution to relieve stress and anxiety. Imagine immersing yourself in the chilled waters of this state-of-the-art tank every day. Thanks to its always cold and clean technology, the Cold Stoic 2.0 not only helps you incorporate cold water immersion into your daily routine but also offers numerous health benefits. The advanced filtration and ozone purification system ensures that the water remains clean and free of contaminants. The tank’s upgraded insulation system, complete with contoured side panels, provides a “Super Insulated” environment, allowing you to plunge into a serene, cold world that melts away stress and revives your senses. This product isn’t just about physical rejuvenation; it’s about mental well-being too.

Moreover, the Cold Stoic 2.0 is more than just a cold plunge tank; it’s an embodiment of sophisticated design and efficiency. Designed and assembled in California, the tank is built for durability, with a super-tough exterior that’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor setups. Its modern aesthetics are sure to elevate any environment, making your relaxation sessions feel luxurious. In addition, the extra side vent ensures your equipment remains well-ventilated and protected from external elements. With the Cold Stoic 2.0, you’re not just investing in a product; you’re investing in your mental and emotional well-being. So, take the plunge and discover a world of calm and tranquility.

Product Information

  1. Upgraded Insulation System with Contoured Side Panels: Provides a “Super Insulated” cold tub. Improves performance and energy efficiency over the original Cold Stoic.
  2. Super-Tough Exterior: Designed for harsh conditions with UV protection. The Cold Stoic® 2.0 is suitable for both outdoor and indoor environments.
  3. Larger Tub Size: Offers an extra 5 cubic feet of space, providing more room for larger individuals.
  4. Ultra-Efficient, Integrated Chiller: This chiller is programmable and can cool the water temperature down to as low as 36F (2.2C).
  5. Advanced Filtration and Ozone Purification System: This system automatically helps in keeping the water clean, and maintaining hygiene standards.

What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
Upgraded Insulation System with Contoured Side Panels provides a “Super Insulated” cold tub.Some customers experienced minor issues and defects upon delivery.
Advanced Filtration and Ozone Purification System keeps water clean.Issues with lead times; Customers wish for more accurate delivery estimates.
Aesthetically pleasing, designed for both indoor and outdoor use.The 5-year warranty does not apply to the chiller unit, which only carries a one-year warranty.
Ultra-Efficient, Integrated Chiller with a programmable thermostat.Some users can smell the ozone when in the same room.

BlueCube: CoreChill Cold Plunge

BlueCube: CoreChill Cold Plunge

Paleo Stress Management’s Take:

Bluecube Corechill
Price vs. Features


The BlueCube’s CoreChill cold plunge offers a top-tier solution for cold exposure therapy right at home. Crafted with a durable 304 stainless steel tub, it promises both durability and peak performance. Users receive the luxury of live video support and a fully assembled product, simplifying the setup process.


In the relentless quest for holistic stress and anxiety relief, the CoreChill cold plunge emerges as an unparalleled solution, right at your residence. This is not just another ice bath, but an industry-leading innovation designed for those who seek the very best in cold exposure therapy. Crafted meticulously with a 304 stainless steel tub, the CoreChill guarantees durability and performance. It is powered by the best-in-class 1 HP chilling motor, ensuring that you can access the therapeutic cold anytime, as it runs 24/7. Its river-rated high flow rate is specifically engineered to disrupt your thermal barrier, facilitating optimal therapeutic benefits and rendering a refreshing escape from daily stressors.

Furthermore, BlueCube has seamlessly integrated advanced features that ensure both functionality and safety. The cold plunge cools to a range of 36°- 70°, maintained by a cylindrical washable filter, Micron 5 Filter Balls, and Ozone, ensuring your water remains pristine and sanitized. Should you have any questions, their live video support stands ready to guide you. And the best part? The CoreChill arrives fully assembled. All you need to do is fill it up, set your desired temperature, and dive into an oasis of calm. Say goodbye to anxiety and hello to rejuvenated energy, one plunge at a time.

Product Information

  • 304 Stainless Steel Tub
  • Best in Class 1 HP Chilling Motor
  • Temperature range: Cools to 36°- 70° degrees with Micron 5 Filter Balls and Ozone for sanitation
  • Electrical Requirements: 120 V 20 Amp GFCI Dedicated Outlet
  • Dimensions (Total Footprint): (LWH) 95″ x 39″ x 29″

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What we likeWhat we don’t like
304 Stainless Steel Tub for durabilityHigh price point
Runs 24/7, always ready for use
Micron Filtration and Ozone for clean and sanitized water
Live Video Support for hassle-free setup

Understanding the Benefits of ice bath tubs for recovery

Cold water immersion, more popularly known as the cold plunge or ice baths, isn’t just a recent fad. Historically, from Roman times to modern athletes, cold water therapy has been recognized for its numerous benefits:

  • Reduces muscle soreness: Immersing in cold water post-exercise can help in alleviating delayed onset muscle soreness.
  • Improves circulation: Cold therapy narrows blood vessels, increasing blood circulation, which aids in muscle recovery.
  • Boosts mental health: Just like a cold shower, an ice bath also acts as a mood lifter, giving you a natural endorphin high.
  • Enhances immunity: Regular cold water immersion can bolster the immune system.

Cold plunge experiences are undoubtedly beneficial, but it’s essential to approach them wisely.

Top Features to Consider When Shopping for the Best Ice Bath Tub

While shopping for the best ice bath tub, consider the following features:

Aspect ConsiderationDetails
Size and PortabilityKnow your budget, and explore options from affordable to luxury for maximum value.
Filtration SystemA good system minimizes water changes, maintaining cleanliness.
Integrated ChillerIntegrated chiller maintains temperature effortlessly.
InsulationEnsure good insulation to keep water cold, consider an insulated cover.
Safety FeaturesNon-slip bottoms, sturdy step stools, and repair kits are essential for safety.
Price PointKnow your budget, explore options from affordable to luxury for maximum value.

Expert Tips for Safe and Effective Ice Bathing at Home

  • Duration: While the benefits of cold water therapy are immense, avoid staying in for too long. Ideally, 10-15 minutes is sufficient.
  • Water Temperature: For starters, aim for 50-59°F (10-15°C). You can gradually lower it as you get more accustomed.
  • Safety First: Never take ice baths alone. Always have someone nearby in case of emergencies.
  • Post-Bath Care: Warm up gradually. Don’t jump into a hot tub immediately; it might shock the system.

Affordable vs. Luxury: Navigating Price Points for Maximum Value

While you might be tempted to splurge on a premium ice bath tub, it’s vital to assess whether the features align with your needs. An inflatable tub might serve occasional users just as well, while dedicated athletes might benefit from features like a top-notch filtration system or integrated chiller in pricier models.

Check out our other overview of the best portable ice baths if you want to experience cold exposure on the go or are not looking for premium solutions.


Choosing the best ice bath tub in 2023 boils down to understanding your requirements, budget, and the benefits you aim to achieve. Whether you’re looking for an affordable option or a luxury tub, there’s something out there for everyone. Dive in and let the cold plunge boost your recovery and wellness!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose the best ice baths for recovery?

Choosing the best ice baths for recovery can help reduce muscle inflammation, relieve pain, and enhance the recovery rate. The particular benefits of cold plunging have been acknowledged by sports and health professionals worldwide.

What are the benefits of a cold plunge ice bath over a hot tub?

Cold plunge ice baths can help improve blood circulation, boost immune response, and enhance mood. In contrast, a hot tub primarily aims for relaxation and muscle loosening, making the cold plunge more effective for recovery.

How long should you stay in a cold plunge tub?

The length of staying in a cold plunge tub varies depending on individual tolerance. However, most experts recommend anywhere from one to ten minutes. Remember, safety first!

Are premium ice bath tubs worth the investment?

A premium ice bath tub like the PLUNGE cold plunge bath is indeed worth the investment for those serious about recovery. The quality of the materials, superior insulation, and ergonomic design provide an unmatched cold water therapy experience.

Is it safe to do an ice bath at home?

Yes, taking an ice bath at home can be safe when done correctly. It’s essential to limit the immersion time to avoid hypothermia, typically between 10 to 20 minutes. It’s also advisable to have a thermometer to monitor water temperature, which should ideally be between 50-59°F (10-15°C). Individuals with certain medical conditions or those who are unfamiliar with the practice should consult a healthcare professional before starting.

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